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Russia launches tender for Yak-152 trainer aircraft

Russia is to complete the development of the Yakovlev Yak-152 turboprop trainer The aircraft is planned to enter service in late 2016

Russia has launched a tender for the completion of the development of the Yakov-lev Yak-152 basic turboprop trainer aircraft, federal arms supply agency Rosoboron-postavka announced on 19 March.

The tender, with an assigned budget of RUB300 million (USD8.32 million), is intended to complete the design documentation for the aircraft and lead to the production of four prototype aircraft. According to Rosobo-ronpostavka's statement, Irkut Corporation has estimated that the cost of the work is likely to be RUB318.7 million.

Irkut's Yakovlev design bureau has been working on the Yak-152 design (in partnership with China's Hongdu Aviation Industry Group - HAIC) since at least 2004. HAIC is understood to have built six prototypes of its version of the design, called the L-7, with the first making its public debut at the Zhuhai air show in November 2010, although no maiden flight of the Yak-152/L-7 design has been confirmed.

Under the tender, the completion of the design documentation for manufacturing the prototype aircraft is to be completed by the end of September 2014. The programme then calls for the construction of two prototypes for flight trials, a prototype for static tests, and a fourth for fatigue testing - to be built by the end of October 2015 these will then undergo a state trial programme lasting until the end of September 2016, with Russia planning to be able to accept the first Yak-152 trainer into service by the end of November 2016.

Russia is intending that the Yak-152 will become the country's new basic turboprop aircraft, serving with the Russian Ministry of Defence, the paramilitary sports organisation DOSAAF, and "other organisations", according to Rosoboronpostavka. Following training on the Yak-152 Russian military pilots will then transfer onto the Yakovlev Yak-130 'Mitten' advanced jet trainer. It is understood that the MAI-223 Kityonok ultra-light aircraft will be used as a screener aircraft prior to pilots training on the Yak-152.

The tender documents stipulate that the Yak-152 must have a maximum speed of at least 300-320 kph; a maximum altitude of4,000 m; a maximum take-off/landing distance of 300 m; a range of 1,400 km; and a service life of 10-30,000 hours, or some 30 years.

According to the tender, the aircraft will be powered by a German-designed engine, will feature retractable tricycle landing gear, and have the SKS-94M ejection system for both crew.

Source: JanesDefence Weekly 26 March 2014 p/12

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