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Yak-152 Anticipation

Irkut Corp, manufacturer of the Yak-152 new-generation piston-engine prop trainer for the Russian Air Force, anticipates potential sales of up to 150 examples to the Russian MoD. They will be used in the initial and basic flight training roles, currently performed on Aero L-39C jet trainers.

A 300 million rouble design and development contract for the type was signed between Irkut and the MoD in 2014. The planned Yak-152 procurement has also been confirmed by the Russian deputy defence minister, Yury Borisov, who claimed the purchase order for 150 aircraft is set for completion by 2020 and the long-term purchase contract for the entire quantity should be finalised soon. According to Borisov, the new trainer aircraft is expected to make its maiden flight in 2016.

The Yak-152, powered by a German-made RED A03 heavy-fuel piston engine, rated at 500shp, will have a maximum speed of 173kts (320km/h), maximum range will be 1,400km (755nm) and the normal take-off weight will be 1,320kg (2,9101b). Its tandem cockpits will be equipped with SKS-94M lightweight ejection seats and the glass cockpit will be a derivative of that already used on the Yak-130 jet trainer.

Source: Air International, May, 2015, p.22

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