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If you fall into this page not by chance, so you are interested in aviation. We are in aviation also not by chance. The first aircraft of A.S.Yakovlev design took off in 1927. Since then the aircraft with "Yak" emblem could be met in many countries.
This emblem means a great diversity of flying vehicles:

The Development Design Bureau founded by A.S.Yakovlev is a really research enterprise: for its lifetime it had produced more than 200 types and modifications of flying vehicles and over 100 of them were in serial production. Beginning from 1932 Design Bureau aircraft are in permanent serial production and operation. For 70 years of activity there were produced 70 000 aircraft "Yak" This is the most number in Russian aircraft industry. During World War II 40 000 "Yak" aircraft were delivered to front.

The diversity of products, that typical for A.S.Yakovlev Design Bureau, is the result of efficient organization of labor as well as its team self-denying and harmonious efforts. The museum at Yakovlev facilities demonstrates the glorious deeds of Russian aviators and Yakovlev Design Bureau.

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