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1.04.1906 - 22.08.1989

General Designer

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Life and Activity

Full member of Academy of Sciences,
Twice Hero of Socialist Labour,
Got Leninsky and seven State prizes.
10 Lenin orders and many others.
Honorary title a Legion of Honour.

The man who had founded the Design Bureau named after him and who was its Head for 50 years was an outstanding person. Due to his talent, selflessness, persistence and diligence he achieved the prominent results, as a leader in formation and development of Russian aviation industry.

1924 - 1927 .worker, later engine-mechanic of Zhukovsky Academy.
1927 - 1931 .a student of Academy. After graduating from Academy he is an engineer at aviation plant, where, in 1932, he organized light aviation group of enthusiasts.
15.01.1934 .Head of design-production bureau.
1935 - 1956 .Chief Designer
1935 - 1952 .at the same time Director of plant
1940 - 1946 . and Deputy of Aviation Ministry.
1956 - 1984 .General Designer.
21.08.1984 .retired.

A.S.Yakovlev's life and his collective achievements are best described in his world known books: "The Aim of Life", "Aircraft Designer Stories", "Soviet Aircraft".

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