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1964 Yak-28 assembly line at Irkutsk Aviation Plant
 Yak-28 assembly line
 at Irkutsk Aviation Plant

Supersonic aircraft.

The real mastering of supersonic speed is connected with development of two- engine, two-seater supersonic combat aircraft Yak-28.

The first from this family was Yak-28B - jet bomber for low/middle altitude attaks without target visibility.

Later on there were developed the following versions:

  • Yak-28L, Yak-28I — bombers with different types of armament control systems;
  • reconnaissance aircraft Yak-28R, Yak-28RR and Yak-28BI - reconnaissance aircraft with side view;
  • jammer Yak-28PP;
  • trainer Yak-28U;
  • all weather interceptor Yak-28P could fly at speed up to 1900 km/h with range up to 2150 km; one of the prototypes Yak-28PM with afterburner engines reached speed of 2400 km/h.

The Yak-28 type aircraft were in operation more than 25 years.

Select the variant:

trainers and combat-trainers
        ALL    YAK-11    YAK-18А    YAK-18Т    YAK-30    YAK-32    YAK-50    YAK-52
remote piloted vehicles (Unmanned Aircraft)
        ALL    «PCHELA»
vertical take-off/landing aircraft (VTOL)
        ALL    YAK-36  YAK-38  YAK-141
passenger aircraft
        ALL    YAK-40    YAK-42
supersonic aircraft
        ALL    YAK-28PM    YAK-28U
general aviation aircraft
        ALL    YAK-8    YAK-12    YAK-16
land troops gliders and helicopters
        ALL    YAK-14    YAK-24
jet fighters
        ALL    YAK-15    YAK-17    YAK-23    YAK-25    YAK-25RV    YAK-27
World War II fighters
        ALL    YAK-1      YAK-7      YAK-9      BB-22      YAK-3
early aircraft
        ALL    AIR-1    AIR-2    AIR-3    AIR-6    AIR-7    AIR-9    AIR-17
        UT-1    UT-2

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