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1975 Yak-38 on the deck. Battle alarm.
 Yak-38 on the deck. Battle alarm.

Short take-off vertical landing aircraft.

For three decades Yakovlev design Bureau conacted the research-development-test-evaluation works connected with creation of VTOL aircraft. The experimental aircraft Yak-36 permitted to accumulate the valuble experience in that field, and create the unique research facilities for that new technology in aviation.

Many companies tried to solve the problems connected with this technology, but only two of the projects were carried to completion, serial production and operation: English "Harrier" and Russian Yak-38.

Russia has developed and tested the World first supersonic STOVL aircraft Yak-141.

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trainers and combat-trainers
        ALL    YAK-11    YAK-18А    YAK-18Т    YAK-30    YAK-32    YAK-50    YAK-52
remote piloted vehicles (Unmanned Aircraft)
        ALL    «PCHELA»
vertical take-off/landing aircraft (VTOL)
        ALL    YAK-36  YAK-38  YAK-141
passenger aircraft
        ALL    YAK-40    YAK-42
supersonic aircraft
        ALL    YAK-28PM    YAK-28U
general aviation aircraft
        ALL    YAK-8    YAK-12    YAK-16
land troops gliders and helicopters
        ALL    YAK-14    YAK-24
jet fighters
        ALL    YAK-15    YAK-17    YAK-23    YAK-25    YAK-25RV    YAK-27
World War II fighters
        ALL    YAK-1      YAK-7      YAK-9      BB-22      YAK-3
early aircraft
        ALL    AIR-1    AIR-2    AIR-3    AIR-6    AIR-7    AIR-9    AIR-17
        UT-1    UT-2

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