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«Yakovlev's school»

 1927 Group of designers near the first AIR-1
 Group of designers
 near the first AIR-1

The particular school of design skill was growned up under A.S.Yakovlev's leadership. This school was distiguished by simplicity and audacity of engineering ideas in conjunction with high-level scientific approach and innovations. «Yakovlev's school» was based on collective creation, where each designer considered the developed aircraft to be his own brainchild and cared solicitously about its reliability and safety during the whole life cycle.

Many outstanding designers, production engineers, scientists were raised up in colective to be a pride of Design Bureau. The test pilots were held in particular respect for their hazard and noble labour.

Many young able designers, technologists, production engineers, pilots and workes has come to take veterans' place.

To keep step with science

For many years Yakovlev Design Bureau is carrying out the research engineering and prospecting works in forward-looking fields. The General Design Department, aerodynamics, strength, equipment, control systems, armament and other specialists take part in research work.

Design Bureau activity is proceeding in close cooperation with such institutes as TSAGI, LII, TSIAM, VIAM, NIAT and others. The institutes help designers to develope the project at all stages. The Design Bureau specialists have authority with adjacent scietific organizations.

Design Bureau is a permanent initiator of new engines, control systems, armament, electrical equipment, autopilops, navigation and other aviation items development. The vendors of these products - are scores of adjacent organizations that also provide the general succes to aircraft.

 2002г. Design Bureau display room
 Design Bureau display room

Design Bureau is aimed at new achievements in technology, metallurgy, new materials and equippment.

The wide spread application of computers in aircraft design process radically changed conventional methods of work in all departments and drew in the new generation of designers, computing engineers, economists, and production engineers. This ensured the projects scientific and technical level raise and cut down the projects development time.

From idea to practice

We mentioned earlier the serial plants personal and leaders. We are grateful to all of them: from giant, that had produced a thousand of arcraft, to small ones that had delivered several dozens in World War II time.

The preproduction and aircraft production output is a big and hard work. It is proceeding under designers supervision who know the aircraft very well. Design Bureau is working in close cooperation with Department of Defence and Civil Aircraft Ministry agencies and that assists to support aircraft operational realiability at high level.

Research and testing

Research Department specialists in cooperation with designers and production staff create unique test facilities and carry out research of new aircfarf dynamics and its system functioning at all critical flight condition and aircraft life testing.

The flight test Department specialists took pains to develope their own data computer procesing center for real time flight test parameters handling.

Public recognition

Design Bureau decorations

For its succes in developing of new aircraft, Yakovlev Design Bureau collective is awarded by:

  • in 1942 - Lenin Order,
  • in 1944 - Red Banner Order,
  • in 1981 - October Revolution Order.

The most distiguished people were awarded with medals and orders and became prize-winners.

In August of 1993 Design Bureau was reorganized in Join Stoke Company of open type - "JSC Yakovlev Design Bureau".

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