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Attention! The exhibits from former museum of Yakovlev Design Bureau you can meet at Vadim Zadorozhny museum at site The museum's address: Moscow, Arhangelskoe, 4-th km of Ilinskoe highway, building 9, Phone: (495) 980-06-11, Fax: (495) 980-06-12. Trffic: Metro Tushinskaya station, then buses 549, 541, 568 and route taxi 151 up to the stop "Lipovaya Alley".

Beginning from 1974 the museum has been opened at Design Bureau headquarters. Its main merits are - live aircraft or real serial aircraft:

Civil aviation hall

Design Bureau Civil aviation hall
AIR-1 — is the best of soviet aviette in the twenties. It is a full scale copy produced in 1977. UT-1 trainer aircraft preserved since 1940. Behind it is — UT-2 — the main trainer of World War II time.
Multi-purpose aircraft Yak-12 was widely used in our contry and abroad. After the War «the school bench» functions came to Yak-18.

Military aircraft Hall

Military aircraft Hall.
Trainer|fighter Yak-11. The first russian jet fighter Yak-15. This aircraft was used to master jet aircraft aerobatic for the first time.
«Pchela» — is the only Russian RPV that participated in combat operations and recognized by Russian Government prize. Yak-38 — the first World deck VTOL aircraft that was put in operation by Russian NAVY.

Many «Yak» aircraft were given to Russian Air Force museum and to Hodinka exposition. Some aircraft have been demonstrated at different Aviation Shows.


Glider model fabricated by A.S,Yakovlev personally in twenties.
Yak-3 in model hall. In 1952-56 Yak-24 surpassed all Russian and foreign helicopters.
Yak-25. Large aerodynamic model of Yak-44Э — as a memory about deck AWACS project.
Yak-40. Yak-42.

Special model hall is provided too.

Some museum's area is devoted to exhibits of such Institutes as TSAGI, LII as well as other aircraft and engine Design Bureaus. .


A.S.Yakovlev working ofice is a part of museum too. A bronze monument of A.S.Yakovlev is installed on Leningradski Prospect across the Design Bureau building.

The diverse and impressive exposition of the museum is supposed to enhance the Design Bureau prestige and to support aviation industry history.

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