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  Yak aircraft in flight
 Piloting group «Yak»:
 two seater Yak-52 and
 three single seater Yak-50

There were set not so much World records on «Yak» aircraft in comparison with other Companies - 86. But the most of them were held before the records nomenclature was several times expanded and record's notion in FAI list was devaluated.

Our country entered FAI in 1935 , until that time all soviet records were unofficial but this fact doesn't reduce their importance.

Among the World records that were set on Yakovlev Design Bureau aircraft the following should be underlined:

  • the first soviet records.

    They were set by Ulian Piontkovski on 19 July of 1927 in flight Sevastopol - Moscow on the first Yakovlev aircraft AIR-1;

  • the first oficial soviet world records for light aircraft, general and female .

    were set correspondingly on 19 October of 1936 in flight Eisk - Cherkassi and on 4 July of 1937 in Tushino. Records № 5, 6, 14, 16, 17 - are "certificated", i.e. registered with special FAI diploma as extra-complicated. Records from № 6 up to №19 were not surpassed in their time. They were cancealed due to new aircraft classification introduction;

  • after the WWII world records, set on 6 and 16 of September of 1949

    The record of 16th September was awarded by Louis Bleriou medal as extra-complicated. The same award was given for record set on 26 July of 1977, when for the first time the soviet pistop-engine aircraft reached record speed in straight flight;

  • the speed records on Yak-11

    set by N.M.Golovanov and N.M.Forostenko lasted nearly for a quarter of a century - from 1951 to 1975;

  • records with load

    set on 17 November of 1955 by World most large and high-lift helicopter Yak-24. This was the first evidence of our country success in big helicopter development;

  • height and speed records on the first soviet jet aircraft Yak-30 and Yak-32, trainer and aerobatic assingment, announced about successful start of this class aircraft;

  • height records with load, set in 1955 on special high-altitude aircraft RV , showed the high level of the vehicle against the high-altitude flights of American U-2;

  • short take-off vertical landind supersonic aircraft Yak-141 records .

The scope of Yakovlev Design Bureau activity allowed to set records in many classes of flying vehicle. Trainers, aerobatic, piston-engine, jets, light seaplane, helicopter, passenger jet aifcraft, supersonic STOVL - total 19 types of flying vehiclesseaplane.

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