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Yakovlev Design Bureau is 90

The world known Yakovlev Design Bureau is one of the leading aviation enterprises of Russia. It was evolved from the amateur designers and workers group in process of developing the first aircraft AIR-1. The day of the AIR-1 first flight - 12 of May of 1927, is considered the Design Bureau birthday.

On the credit side of Yakovlev Design Bureau creative activity are more than 200 types and modifications of aircraft, 100 from them being in serial production. The aircraft with "Yak" emblem are permanently in serial production and operation since 1932. The total figure of produced Yak aircraft that exceeds 70.000 - is the most among the Russian companies. Before the WWII there were brought out about 3.000 planes, in period 1941 - 1945 - more than 40.000 and after the war - 27.000 aircraft. 41.000 of Yak aircraft were military types and 29.000 were operated in civil market.

Yakovlev's development staff is characterized by wide variety of design activity among the domestic Design Bureaus. Under the leadership of General Designer, academician A.S.Yakovlev and his successors there were developed new aircraft, helicopters, gliders, unmanned military and civil flying apparatus (UMA).

This list includes:

- Light aircrafts: sport aircraft AIRs; trainers UT-2, UT-1, Yak-11, Yak-18, Yak-52, Yak-54; multipurpose AIR-6, Yak-6, Yak-12, Yak-18; aerobatic Yak-18P, PM, PS, Yak-50, Yak-55, Yak-55M that helped to win 69 World and European championships to our pilots in aerobatics;

- Piston fighters Yak-1, Yak-7, Yak-9, Yak-3 and their versions that amounted to two thirds of the soviet fighters fleet during the WWII when the words "Yak" and "Fighter" were synonyms.

- The first soviet jet aircraft: fighters Yak-15, interceptors Yak-25; high altitude aircraft Yak-25RV; the first supersonic aircraft: reconnaissance Yak-27, combat bombers and interceptors Yak-28;

- Vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL): the first Russian VTOL Yak-36, the first world deck VTOL Yak-38, the world only supersonic VTOL Yak-141 that forestalled similar western projects by 15 years;

- The major in USSR paratrooping glider Yak-14;

- The major in 1950 world helicopter Yak-24;

- The passenger aircraft: the first world regional jet aircraft Yak-40 - the only soviet aircraft certified by western airworthiness requirements and delivered in different countries; the most economical medium range liner Yak-42;

- The first in Russia UMA "Pchela" series - the only UMA with combat experience;

- The jet trainer aircraft: the first Russian jet trainers Yak-30 and Yak-32; advanced combat trainer Yak-130 selected by Russian Air Force in result of contest.

The first soviet world records were held on AIR-1 aircraft in 1927, since then 86 world records had been set on 19 different types of military and civil "Yak" aircraft.

Yak aircraft are widely used in the country and abroad, in some countries they were produced under license (China, Poland, Czech, Romania). Hundreds of light Yak aircraft are flying now in many countries of the world. The aerobatic groups use them in England, Italy and Germany. The only in the world female aerobatic group is organized in France and it operate the Yak-54 aircraft. Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) has decided to conduct world championship for Yak-52 aircraft.

Yakovlev Design Bureau is the only Russian company with international cooperation experience in development, testing and certification of aircraft. There was developed jet administrate aircraft "Galaxy" (now American Golphstrim-200) in cooperation with Israel company IAI, the trainer-demonstrator Yak/AEM-130D with Italian company Aeromacci and other projects.

Yakovlev Design Bureau continues the Yak-130 program for Russian Air Force and export. The State flight tests Act is planned to be issued in 2007.

In cooperation with Ilyshin company and other leading Institutes there is developing the medium range civil aircraft MS-21 that won the Rosaviacosmos competition and is included in the State Program of Civil Aviation development.

In trainer aircraft area Yakovlev Design Bureau has developed the primary piston trainer Yak-52M for Russian Air Force and prepared the design documentation for new generation trainer Yak-152.

The modernized UMA "Pchela-1K" is produced for Russian Army and efforts are undertaken for developing advanced UMA complexes.

Yakovlev Design Bureau is decorated with Lenin, Revolution and Red Banner Orders and by honorable diploma of FAI. Yak aircraft are awarded with Lenin and eight State Prizes as well as Russian government premium and FAI Golden Medal.

In 1990 Design Bureau was named after its founder and leader up to 1984 - Yakovlev A.S. In period 1984 - 1990 it was headed by Levinskih A.A., in 1991 - 1994 - Dondukov A.N., beginning from 1994 the head of Design Bureau is General Director-Designer Demchenko O.F.

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