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A.S.Yakovlev designe bureau
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general data

General data

Form of property

Joint stoсk company (JSC) "A.S.Yakovlev Design Bureau" is a public corporation. .

The shareholders are work collectives members, nonworker pensioners - company's veterans, and some private organizations.

The state licences and certificates authorize Design Bureau activity in aviation.

Company's structure

The top-level authority of JSC is the Shareholders' Meeting.

The Committee of Directors manages the company in every-day activity.

The executive functions are entrusted to the company's Directorate.


  • General Director and Chief Designer of Design Bureau:

    Demchenko Oleg Fedorovich

  • The First Deputy General Director - Deputy General Director in economy:

    Shapovalov Victor Nikolaevich

  • Deputy General Director:

    Gurtovoi Arkadi Iosifovich

  • Deputy General Director on administration and security :

    Ryzhov Victor Anatolievich

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