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RPV Pchela-1T

There are many civil aircraft with «Yak» emblem in operation of different countrie's airlines today. These aircraft have remarkable service life and must correspond to present-day ICAO flight safety requirements and keep their advanced positions among business rivals.

Taking this into account, Yakovlev Design Bureau carries out the programs of Yak-42D and Yak-40 modification and certification.

There is also a notable interest to general aviation aircraft. The «work horse» - Yak-18T, is getting popular today due to its operational reliability, simplicity and low cost. The more modern general aviation aircraft Yak-112 and Yak-58 could in time occupy the place of their old brother.

The Yak aircraft are traditionally required in sport world. The Yak-54 is simultaneously a trainer and aerobatic aircraft and that expands demand on it.

Yakovlev Design Bureau takes efforts to improve the RPV "Pchela-1T" flight performance and its payloads effectiveness for Russian Federation Army.

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