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light utility aircraft

Basic Data
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The present day Yak-18T aircraft is distinguished by wide utility. It can operate as:

  • trainer,
  • passenger,
  • transport,
  • air ambulance.

Now Yak-18T could be used also as:

  • patrol aircraft for oil and gas pipe lines, power transmission lines, forest areas and highway inspection.
  • 3-passenger version for range 300 - 500 km.

The Yak-18T aircraft had passed certification tests as air ambulance version for one litter and one sick nurse transportation.


Yak-18T is considered to be one of the most safe aircraft for flight schools. As was underlined at official conference, 650 Yak-18T have flown more than million flight hours without accidents through equipment faults. The operational units recommended expanding the scope of Yak-18T services.

The four-seats cabin, comfortable seats and good visibility make Yak-18T easy and pleasant for flying.

Yakovlev Design Bureau carries out installation of modern foreign avionics on Yak-18T.

Yak-18T can fly on motor car gasoline.

The aircraft in serial production on Smolensky Aviation plant.

Basic Data:

Takeoff weight1 685 kg
Max speed300 km/h
Cruise speed180 - 210 km/h
Maximum range500 km
Height of flight3 600 m
Flight duration3 hours
Engine power360 h.p.
Takeoff distance200 m
Landing distance250 m

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