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light multi-purpose aircraft

Basic Data
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The Yak-58 six-seater is intended for:

  • business, executive and aerotaxi flights;
  • carrying small-sized cargo;
  • training flights;
  • patrolling the forests, gas and oil pipelines, power transmission and communication lines;
  • surveying the fish reserves in the coastal zones;
  • carrying out biosphere ecological investigations;
  • geological prospecting.
  • The airplane is also used as liaslon and mail delivery in the regions with undeveloped transport network.

The layout of the cabin provides the possibility for the airplane conversion into ambulance, training and cargo variant.

Short distance required for the takeoff run and landing roll, the low-pressure wheel tyres make it possible to operate the airplane on limited-dimension unpaved runways.

High reliability, a convenient access to the units and systems ensure simplicity of airplane maintenance.

Modern design, silent power plant, exellent visiblity from the cabin, simplicity of piloting - that is Yak-58.

JSC «YAK ALACON» was founded to revive the Yak-58 program that was stopped in 90-th due to financial problems. Partners from Kazahstan and USA perticipate in the company.

At present, the aircraft testing, certification, production and marketing program is approved. The aircraft modification with turbo prop engines is provided.

The MAC certificate type for Yak-58 is expected at the beginning of 2005.

Basic Data:

Takeoff weight2 100 kg
Piston engine with variable pitch pusher propellerM-14PT, 360 h.p.
— maximum450 kg
— normal- kg
Flight speed:
— maximum300 km/ч
— cruising285 km/ч
Landing speed125 km/ч
Maximum flight altitude4 000 m
Range of flight1 000 km
Airfield runway length610 m

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