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Yak external economic links beginning started in the middle of 70-th when Yak-40 aircraft was promoted for selling in foreign countries. A great scope of efforts was accomplished to certify Yak-40 according to requirements of Italy, Germany, England and other countries. Due to this important work Yak-40 was sold in these countries.

Later on, the Yak-42 aircraft has gone the same way.

Yak external economic had changed radically after 1991, when State monopoly on product, service and raw material resources selling in foreign countries was cancelled.

Beginning from 1991 Yak independently participates in international Air Shows, demonstrating its products: Yak-42, Yak-130, Yak-54, Yak-112, Yak-58.

The well-directed efforts to find potential customers in Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East gave positive results. Yak saw the only way to survive - to attract foreign money to its projects. Yak-3 replica production was the first contract with Gannel Co. (USA), that followed by venture company foundation with Honda Corporation (South Korea) in light aircraft development.

Simultaneously a number of other international projects were proceeding. The most remarkable are: Yak-42 VIP salon development (Trace Co. USA), Collins and Allied Signal avionics installation on Yak-40 aircraft, Lycoming and Teledyne engine installation on Yak-112. All this contributed to Yak economics and integration with world aviation community.

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