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Development Yak-130

It is too optimistic to call the Russian aircraft industry prosperous today. Nevertheless, the new projects were and are developing all the time. It is the calling of each Design Bureau. And they can't be bereaved of this right while be in existence. The new projects development is carried out as on «order» (if lucky) so by initiative. The happy programs have financing. But even nonfinancial projects are developing with real enthusiasm since it is to a way in future.

The combat-trainer jet Yak-130 can be named as a happy program. It is supported by Russian Air Force, it is in the center of press attention and has financial assistance. Yak Design Bureau considers it to be successful program and proposes Yak-130 modernization to expand the aircraft range of application.

Yak-52M and Yak-152 are connected with Yak-130 too. These piston aircraft are considered as primary training aircraft in general program of pilots teaching.

New remote piloting vehicles - "Albatros" and "Expert", - are more pushing projects that tells about Company's potential in this field.

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