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Basic Data
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The Yak-130 aircraft is a swept mid-wing monoplane of a classical configuration with two-seat tandem cockpit and two turbofan engines with 2500 kg thrust each.

Each cockpit of the aircraft is equipped with three multifunctional colored 6x8 inches LCD displays without electromechanical instruments, as well as collimator aviation indicator and helmet-mounted target designation system in forward cabin.

The aircraft aerodynamic configuration and flight and power plant controls performance make it possible to operate the aircraft essentially at all flight conditions, typical of modern and advanced combat aircraft. The aircraft leading edge extensions and air intakes layout enable a steady controllable flight at angles of attack up to 40 deg.

High thrust/weight ratio provides high sustained maneuvering load factors, takeoff performance and rate of climb.

The air intakes and landing gear design with high take-off/landing performance make it possible to operate the aircraft from unpaved runways small unprepared airfields.

The aircraft is equipped with complex fly-by-wire control system that functions as automatic flight control system, active flight safety system and provides in training stability and controllability characteristics change depending on the aircraft being simulated.

The aircraft combat training system provides simulation of:

  • air combat with tracing, detection, identification, locking-in, and tracking of air targets, with launching of air-to-air missiles fitted with radar and IR homing heads, with imitation of enemy missiles and jamming launching and with application of airborne defensive aids system;
  • interaction with other aircraft in group and with ground and air control units;
  • air-to-ground attacks with launching of air-to-surface missiles fitted with radar, TV, IR and laser homing heads, with bombs and rockets releasing, gun firing, with imitation of enemy surface-to-air missiles and jamming launching and with application of airborne defensive aids system.

Simplicity of the structure, high reliability of the airframe, power plant and aircraft systems, long service life and full self-sufficiency of the aircraft as well as high maintainability together with a low cost of the life cycle and high flight performance provide high-quality training of the pilots in the shortest possible time and meet efficiently different military challenge.

Basic Data:

      - takeoff, maximum9 000 kg
      - takeoff, normal5 700 kg
      - fuel, maximum:
               - in internal tanks1 750 kg
               - in external tanks2 х 450 kg
      - armament, maximum3 000 kg
Power plant2 turbofance
Takeoff thrust, ISA2 х 2 500 kg
Maximum thrust/weight ratio0,9
      - level flight, maximum 1 050 km/h
      - takeoff (full fuel load)200 km/h
      - landing195 km/h
Maximum flight altitude 12 500 m
Flight angles of attack < 40°
Service range with maximum internal fuel2.000 km
Load factor::
      - sustained at 4 572 m altitude (15 000 ft5,2 g
      - maneuvering load factor limits+8 g; -3 g
Airfield runway length1 000 m
Service life10 000 hours

Programmed development stages

program development stages

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