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General description
Competitive strength
Yak-48 family aircraft
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General description:

Yak-48 family aircraft are intended for transportation from 30 up to 50 passengers at the distances 4700 - 2500 km correspondingly.

Business version of aircraft can fly with 4 - 12 passengers at the distances 6800 - 6600 km. Yak-48 family aircraft have common airframe, equipment, and power plant. They differ in fuselage and passenger salon length and passenger equipment set.

The level of comfort in passenger salons corresponds or surpasses the level of comfort in modern aircraft of that class.

Marketing studies performed by JSC A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau and some western companies show that there is a great potential demand in aircraft of that class on all world airlines.


The basic power plant consists of two AI-22-2 engines with 3800 kg thrust each. A number of other foreign and Russian engines could be installed optionally.

The aircraft are supposed to be equipped with Russian radio equipment and avionics.

The Yak-48 airborne radio and avionics complex provides the following flights:

  • with two crew members on routes and in airport zones,
  • in simple and adverse weather conditions,
  • at ICAO Category II landing conditions,
  • at any time and season,
  • in all radio-navigation environments,
  • in all flight level separation rules,
  • according to ICAO flight safety rules indicated in FAR-25 and AP-25 documentation.

The western type avionics can be installed optionally to provide:

  • landing minimum according to ICAO Category III conditions,
  • phone and fax connection in flight through satellite communication.

Competitive strength:

The Yak-48 family aircraft with different passenger capacity, ranges of flight and basing conditions are developed on the basis of optimal combination of passengers' comfort and flying performance for flexible and successful promotion on market.

The Yak-48 family aircraft are developed in compliance with AP-25 regulations and meet FAR-25 requirements. The aircraft certification is planned for 2007. The Yak-48 unificated aircraft family provides:

  • wide envelope of operational abilities and adaptation to different airlines requirements;
  • optimal combination of fleet from regional and business aircraft to meet the airline requirements in terms of passenger capacity, flight ranges, avionics and basing conditions;
  • aircraft modification for special missions (aerial photography, geological survey, air ambulance, patrol, trainer and etc.).

The aircraft design is developed in compliance with progressive maintenance methods and automatic diagnosis systems that provide aircraft operation and repair by state approach for:

  • operational cost reducing (12 - 15%);
  • application of flexible procedures of maintenance and repair adapted to foreign servicing infrastructure;
  • reducing maintenance time intervals typical on level with best foreign aircraft of that class.

The aircraft design and operational perfection provide life time equal to 60 000 flight hours at 10 - 12 flight hours per day schedule.


Aircraft Version Regional aircraftBusiness aircraft
Take-off massfrom 20 950 kg
to 22 750 kg
from 22 000 kg
to 22 750 kg
22 750 kgfrom 22 050 kg
to 22 750 kg
— maximum4 000 kg5 000 kg6 000 kg-
— normal3 135 kg3 390 kg4 845 kg1 200 kg
Cruise speed maximum850 km/h850 km/h850 km/h850 km/h
Cruise height11 600 m11 600 m11 600 m12 000 m
Range of flight with navigation fuel:
— normal payload3 500 - 4 700 km3 000 km2 500 km6 600 km
— maximum fuel capacity 5 200 km5 250 km4 700 km6 800 km
Required runway length, (ISA):1 500 m1 600 m1 600 m1 600 m
Runway typeconcrete runway, unpaved airfieldconcrete runwayconcrete runwayconcrete runway

Yak-48 family aircraft
Three View

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