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Aerobatic and trainer aircraft

Basic Data
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Yak-52M aircraft is intended for professional selection and primary training of future pilots as well as for aerobatic training of sportsmen.

Yak-52M is a two-seater, single engine monoplane of classical configuration with low wing, retractable tricycle landing gear with nose wheel and the M-14X engine.

Good shock-absorbing properties of the landing gear with low pressure tires, short takeoff and landing run make it possible to operate the aircraft on small unprepared airfields.

High reliability, simple structure, access to the system units and pipelines ensure easy maintenance with minimum costs for flight preparation with minimum available ground servicing equipment. The wing aerodynamic configuration, wing planform and airfoil have been selected to provide the aircraft functions of primary training and aerobatics.

It is planned to use the Yak-52M aircraft in aero clubs and flying schools that makes it possible to train skilled pilots and sports aircraft pilots in a short period of time at minimum costs.


The aircraft presents Yak-52 modification and differs from the original by the following:

  • 50% of airborne equipment is renewed that provides for flights in adverse weather conditions at night;
  • the new canopy is installed to ensure safe bailout with the help of escape system;
  • the СКС-94МЯ escape system is installed to enhance crew safety;
  • the integral tanks are embodied in wing structure that increase range of flight up to 900 km;
  • the rudder area is increased ;
  • the blind flying cap is installed;
  • three-blade МТV-9 propeller is installed;
  • the wing aerodynamics is changed for stall performance improvement.

Basic Data:

Yak-52Мfor trainingfor aerobatic
Takeoff weight1 423 kg1 315 kg
Engine power360 h.p.-
Max speed360 km/h-
Stalling speed110 km/h-
Limit loads+6/-4 g+7/-5 g
Maximum fuel load190 liters80 liters
Maximum ferry range900 km-
Takeoff/landing run180/300 m-
Service life3 000 hours-
Calendar life30 years-

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