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Unmanned aircraft ALBATROS and EXPERT

Basic Data
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The A.S. Yakovlev design bureau offers the ALBATROS and EXPERT remote-piloted vehicles of a novel design. The ALBATROS and EXPERT remote-piloted vehicles (RPV) are intended for television (infra-red vision) air reconnaissance of the underlying surface in the day-time and at night and the environment monitoring by various environment state parameters. The obtained information is transmitted in real time to the ground control station.

The RPV can fulfill the following tasks:

  • Reconnaissance and search operations (forest fire spotting and mapping, search and rescue operations, fish reconnaissance, ice reconnaissance, finding narcotic crops).
  • Observation of the objects (patrol of gas and oil pipelines, motorways, fish inspection, finding the poachers).
  • Environment parameters monitoring (ecology monitoring, coastal patrol, meteorological observation).

As compared with conventional means of air observation by airplanes and helicopters, the RPV offers a number of substantial advantages:

  • Low capital and operating costs.
  • High mobility and complete independence.
  • Freedom from risk for the crew.
  • Simple operation.
  • Besides: the ALBATROS vertical start and landing allow its operation on small tonnage sea-going ships and river boats and from small sites in areas of difficult access.

The EXPERT is used in the integrated system comprising three RPV, ground control station, launcher and servicing equipment. The system is mounted on the minivan-type car.

The ALBATROS is used in the system comprising the flying vehicle, ground control station and servicing equipment. The system may be based on a ship or two KAMAZ-type trucks.

Basic Data:

Takeoff mass, kg40450
Engine power, h.p.10160
Flight speed range, km/h65-1100-300
Flight altitude range, m50-4500-350
Information receive-transmit range, km50/10050/100
Rate of climb, m/s59
Flight endurance , h6< 7
Mission payloadTV, IR, environmental sensors
Start/Landing Systemcatapultvertical/short
(unpaved airfield)
System deployment time , h0,5-
System crew, persons2-
Landing site area, m-7 х 7

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