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Services on Yak-40 and Yak-42

We are ready to offer a number of technical and interior design projects to make Yak-40 and Yak-42 passenger cabin more comfortable and joyful. We can propose a series of complete interior layouts that are in operation as well as new versions as a customer options.

You can order a set of ready-made items: seats, couch, kitchen-ware, entertainment systems, produced by leading Russian and foreign companies, according to your specific requirements. Each cabin could have individual design and decorating in broad color and materials spectrum.

Yak-40 modernization and updating
Yak-42 modernization and updating
New avionics for international airlines

Yak-40 modernization and updating:

  Салон Як-40
 Yak-40 salon
  • Passenger cabin transformation in business class on 8 -16 persons,
  • on 12 - 20 passengers economical class,
  • reequipment of passenger cabin for 23 - 36 persons,
  • Optimum cabin and equipment layout,
  • Individual design of each cabin,
  • Interior finishing with Russian and foreign materials,
  • High-comfort seats installation, updating of routine seats,
  • Galley, buffet, refrigerating equipment and entertainment system installation.

Yak-42 modernization and updating:

  Салон Як-42Д
 Yak-42D salon

The aircraft passenger cabin layout can be changed as customer option. There are developed and implemented different cabin arrangements for 99 - 120 seats. The aircraft could be easily transformed in cargo and cargo-passenger versions.

VIP cabin for various numbers of persons could be designed as individual order.

New avionics for international airlines:

To provide operations in European region with BRNAV RNP-5 requirements, Yak-40 is now equipped with additional navigation-flight avionics. There are installed satellite navigation system GPS, flight collision avoidance system TCAS and early ground proximity warning system EGPWS.

The Yak-42D aircraft are equipped now with satellite navigation system GPS, flight collision avoidance system TCAS-II version 7, equipment for flights in RVSM conditions, early ground proximity warning system SRPBZ and radio communication satiations for 8,33 KHz frequency range. All this avionics is certified.

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