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Strength, functional and fatigue testing

Yakovlev Design Bureau accumulated a great experience in aviation items ground testing and has appropriate facilities and skilled people for that work.

The static and dynamic testing laboratory is registered by MAK Aviaregister and conducts all types of static, fatigue, dynamic testing of aircraft and its components, structural elements and aggregates.

The automatic loading and data processing systems are used in these testing.

testing facilities

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stand laboratory «Iron Bird» - test facility for Yak-130 systems testing.
Wing hight-lift devices hydraulic and electronic test rig. Enviromental testing facility: vibration, acoustics, temperature, shock.
Yak-42 control system functional and fatigue test rig. Yak-42 static testing.
Yak-141 installed at unique «forces and moments» facilitiy. Yak-141 static tests rig.
Yak-141 airborn avionics modeling complex facility. Landing gear drop test facility.

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